Enjoy the benefits of real estate investing without lifting a hammer.

Constant Cash Flow Properties Exists to deliver a consistent stream of fantastic passive cash flow opportunities to our investors.

Join us on the next REHAB and enjoy a 10% fixed rate, all while improving communities and never lifting a hammer.

This is not a solicitation or offer of securities. Investment in Constant Cashflow Properties is offered only to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum.

The many ways we protect investments

We know our investment numbers pre purchase

Real estate investing is one of the few investment formats where you can know your investment cost, the additional investment it will need, and what you can sell it for. Simply add in a safety buffer and you’ve got a sure fire win.

We only buy the top 1% of below market deals

We analyze around 240 below market deals every month and only purchase around 2-3 of those. Meaning we only buy the top 1% of the very best deals, or the deals we know we will win.

Investors are named on title

Investors are put on title, just like any other lender like the bank would be. You’ll be a lien holder on the property, legally protecting your position.

Limited risk position

If anything goes wrong with the project, with your lien position, you get to take ownership of the property and can sell it, getting your money back.

Lien positions are paid out first

When the property is sold, all lien holders are legally required to be paid before any investors. Thus ensuring investors get paid out. Also ensuring that our team will work extremely hard to make sure it’s very profitable, increasing that safety margin for our lenders, to make sure they get paid.

We never collect investors money

Lent money doesn’t get sent to our company, it gets sent to a 3rd party title company who safely makes sure your money only gets used for approved purchases like the house. Making sure that whoever you lend to, doesn’t take your money and run.

We buy, flip, and sell before a market can shift

Real estate markets shift slowly. Making it easy to spot downturns in the market, giving us plenty of time to sell the property and get out. Stock investors aren’t so lucky as they can plummet over night.

view our selection of turn-key rental properties.

Turn key properties are a perfect option for investors looking for a stream of consistent, passive income, without the time, work, and risk required to sort though property managers, or find quality tenants.


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This is not a solicitation or offer of securities. Investment in Constant Cashflow Properties is offered only to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum.

Investor Stories

"I acquired my first rental property through Mike and his company Constant Cashfow Properties. I live in Indiana and the property I acquired is in Macon Georgia. Macon is a booming real estate market about 90 minutes south of Atlanta…it was a turn key property with everything in place for me to take over. For a brand new investor like myself, the fear of the unknown was pretty overwhelming. I cannot praise Mike and his company enough on how seamless the whole transaction was and the 5 star customer satisfaction that they provided. Unlike other companies, Mike actually walked me through the process and was hands on every step of the way. Made the whole process a piece of cake. Thank you Mike and Constant Cashflow Properties. Can’t wait to do another deal ASAP!"
Adam Westenfeld
Accountant / Investor
“I contacted Mike P and he came out the very next day to look at the property. He was extremely understanding that I knew very little about the home and offered me a fair price. Once the house was under contract, we closed very quickly! Overall, it was a very positive experience.”
Matthew C
Programmer / Seller
I am extremely happy after Investing with Constant Cashflow Properties. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous in the beginning since it was my first time investing in Real Estate but I felt good about the people involved, the protections in place and the numbers made sense. It was easy, simple and the day I got my investment back it was exactly as promised. Communication was great too. I finally feel like I have some control in planning for my retirement. I will definitely continue to invest with them!
Mom / Investor

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